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Enhancing the Visual Saliency of Alerts on the IBM SaaS Console

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Error and warning alerts of the IBM SaaS Console were not clearly visible to its users, causing confusion.

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Supporting Low Vision Sports Players using ARTennis

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Popular ball-based sports such as tennis are not accessible to low vision (LV) people.

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Saving Students’ Time with an Optimized Class Scheduling Web App

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The student has to manually build a class schedule that fits into their academic goals which can take time and be confusing.

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Building a Website for Social Good

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I was in charge of building the main page of the website for a nonprofit organization called Breaking Barriers that aims to reduce the gap between younger and older generations. As a young college adult myself, I struggled with communicating with my grandparents whenever they called me from South Korea and definitely wanted to help the nonprofit organization grow. Although I did not know much HTML and CSS starting out, I spent time and effort learning them so I could contribute to their great cause.

Supporting a Small Local Business through Website Re-design

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Bloom and Vine, a Davis local business that provides wedding floral services, had an outdated website which led to less online-based users.

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Empowering Women in Computer Science through Design

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In Fall 2023, the Women in Computer Science (WiCS) club experienced a decline in membership, signaling a missed opportunity to empower women in computer science.

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Gaining Participants for the Largest Hackathon in Sacramento through Website and Social Media Posts

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SacHacks, an organization that hosts a yearly, 36 hour hackathon, did not have a website or social media presence to promote the event.